Lake Tahoe Wedding Minister and Staff


Our Lake Tahoe wedding minister—Reverend Dorie chooses to live in the Lake Tahoe basin for its mystical beauty. She believes your wedding should be a magical, unforgettable experience.

Our Lake Tahoe wedding minister creates a ceremony that is heartfelt and she respects the power of love as two people join their lives together.

Reverend Dorie would love to lead you to a beautiful and enchanting location. You may pick one of Dorie’s favorites or choose your own special spot in the Tahoe area. She never takes for granted how important this day is for you.

Reverend Dorie would be honored to be part of your sacred event. If you are looking for a Lake Tahoe weddiing minister that is respectful of ALL traditions, cultures and religions then please call us at: (800)544-6193 to speak with Reverend Dorie.

The staff of Lake of the Sky Weddings is committed to honest, professional, ethical and compassionate behavior. We are pledged as individuals to serve each couple to the best of our ability in the areas of our expertise. Your Lake Tahoe Wedding will be one of the biggest days in your lives and we are honored to be able to share those memories with you.

As a group, we work together to give our brides and grooms the most joyous and stress free wedding possible. We understand that your marriage started with a commitment to each other and we are committed to you and your guests. Your day should be filled with joy, laughter and sacredness and we are here to provide that for you.

Call (800)544-6193 or email us if you have any questions or thoughts, no request is too small or too big!

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I wanted to thank you for all you did for us last weekend for our wedding. It meant a lot to us that you were able to juggle your schedule on Easter Sunday so that we could leave a day early. We had a wonderful time. I’m sure we’ll be back in the future. The flowers were beautiful as well. I want you to know how much we appreciated all of your effort to make our day special. If you get a chance, we would love the words to the prayer you read for us. It held a very special meaning. Thanks and best of luck to you.

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Robin Davies